I have chipped laps.
written by The Mathinator 2000, when trying to say “chapped lips.”
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March 27th, 2014


March 27th, 2014

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Hostile work environment, incident #2, goes in the books today.


I was sitting outside the HUB reading ahead when I was approached by a man with a stack of clipboards. He asked if I wanted to register to vote, and I said yes. He talked in an American accent and randomly swapped to a heavy Irish accent mid-conversation. I asked, “Is this a social experiment?” Then it went downhill from there.

He told me that he was part Asian, “just like [me],” though he wasn’t sure what type of “oriental” I was: “a Chink, gook, Nip, or Chinaman.” 

You can imagine my face at the time.

Then he said, “I’m a stand-up comedian. I made a 20-minute skit and it actually starts off with a Chinese lady. It’s pretty offensive.”

Before he left, I formally introduced myself and reached out to shake his hand. He was hesitant, reached out, then shrank back and said, “Personal preference: I don’t shake women’s hands because it’s a man-to-man thing and there’s a certain implication in a handshake that women just can’t grasp.”